CI/CD Integration

The CI/CD pipeline is your DevOps Pipeline automation engine that powers building and delivering your software applications through development, testing, and into production. JFrog Artifactory is the central “source of truth” for all the binaries your pipeline generates, providing the control and certainty that enables your CI/CD to deliver new releases more frequently and reliably.

Your CI server and Artifactory need to be able to work together smoothly. That’s why Artifactory helps make it easy to connect your universe of tools, clouds, and runtimes, so you can focus on high-value work, not tinkering with your pipeline.

Ways to Integrate

JFrog Pipelines is our DevOps automation server that natively integrates with the rest of the JFrog platform. By assembling simple building blocks, you can create automated workflows that generate builds with metadata, push and promote them in Artifactory, scan builds with Xray, and send release packages to Distribution. 

JFrog Pipeline

For all major CI servers like Jenkins, BitBucket or Azure DevOps JFrog provides a ready set of build integrations (plugins and extensions) for putting Artifactory at the heart of your workflows. For other CI servers or for custom needs, you can create your own integrations with Artifactory through REST APIs or the JFrog CLI.


Native Package Management

Artifactory’s repositories provide native support for the package types that you use, 25 of them and growing. Your CI automation can build dependency packages (such as npm or Maven) in proxied repositories for fast, secure access. Your CD automation can push application containers to private Docker registries in Artifactory, as well as charts into native Helm repositories to deploy them to Kubernetes clusters. 

Package Management

Integrated Security

Protecting production systems is mission-critical, and any issues or vulnerabilities found must be remediated as quickly as possible. However, as we all know, prevention is better than cure, and we would prefer to avoid infected components from ever getting into our production systems in the first place. 

Through native integration with Artifactory, Xray can be commanded by your CI/CD server to scan a build, or be configured to scan builds automatically, and it notifies the CI/CD server if any components with known issues or vulnerabilities are found. You can configure your CI/CD server to take appropriate action such as failing the build, notifying an administrator or anything else your CI/CD server supports.

JFrog Xray CI/CD Integration

With Xray in your automated CI/CD workflow, you can discover issues or vulnerabilities at build time, before a component goes to production, and reduce the cost of remediation.

Integration in the Cloud

Putting your CI/CD in the cloud is a cost effective solution that offers reduced maintenance cost, time management, and space (to house servers), resulting in greater business agility. And Artifactory is a highly scalable repository manager that can be deployed in the cloud as well as on-premises. Our Cloud DevOps Solutions can be readily hosted on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure.

Integration in the Cloud