Binary Repositories for Developers

As the use of components in software development continues to grow, developers face new and varied challenges. Artifactory functions as a single access point organizing all binary resources removing much of the overhead connected to the complexity of developing with open source libraries and other 3rd party components.

Reliable and consistent access to remote artifacts

Artifactory gives you quick and consistent access to remote artifacts by caching them locally, so if there are networking issues, or if a repository goes down, you can still access your artifacts from the local cache.

Reduce network traffic and optimize builds

Once an artifact has been downloaded, it is cached locally and is then available to all other developers in the organization (thus reducing network traffic). And since build servers no longer need to access the network, build times are significantly reduced.

Full integration with your build ecosystem

Through a set of plugins, Artifactory provides tight integration with popular CI systems available today. These systems use Artifactory to supply artifacts and resolve dependencies when creating the build, and also as a target to deploy build output to the corresponding local repository. A series of simple settings can also configure things like staging, build promotion, VCS tagging and more, essentially automating the release management process.

User plugins

User plugins extend the REST API giving you a simple way to add functionality to Artifactory, and implement complex, custom behavior in your binary management workflow.

Security and Access Control

Artifactory can provide security and access control at several levels. From restricting complete repositories down to restricting a single binary, and from a group of any size down to a single developer.

License compliance and vulnerability detection

Artifactory performs a license check on your artifacts and on all ensuing dependencies, and provides immediate feedback on all license requirements. This lets you prepare ahead of time to ensure you comply early on in the development cycle. And by integrating with JFrog Xray, you can take advantage of a full range vulnerability detection and protection features, while managing all of your binary uploads through Artifactory.

Distribute and share artifacts across your organization

Using local repositories, Artifactory gives you a central location to store your internal binaries. Through repository replication, you can even share binaries with teams that are located in remote locations.

System stability and reliability with High Availability (HA) Configuration.

Using a redundant cluster of servers on the same LAN means that there is no single-point-of-failure, your system can accommodate larger load bursts, and most maintenance tasks can be performed with zero downtime.

Smart search for binaries using build number and custom properties

Artifactory provides you with flexible search capabilities both through the UI, and using the extensive RESTAPI. You can find binaries based on any combination of inherent attributes such as name, version, timestamp, checksum, and even based on custom properties that you define yourself

Maintenance and Monitoring.

With a few simple settings, Artifactory lets you schedule tasks to clean up old builds and unused artifacts. You can set restrictions on and monitor disk space usage or define “watches” to receive an alert whenever there is a change to your most critical binaries.