Azure Blob Storage


Azure blob storage is one of several options Artifactory offers for you to manage your filestore on the cloud. As one of the leading cloud platforms, Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage offers capabilities to meet the needs of any enterprise Artifactory filestore.

Massive Scalability

On the cloud, you may freely continue to upload files without having to install or maintain any file storage devices. You can even upload files larger than 5 GB using multi-part upload with the blob size limit currently at 4.75 TB.


An Azure Blob Storage account offers a variety of security capabilities such as role-based access control, Azure Active Directory, in-transit security, Storage Service encryption and more.

Disaster recovery

Since your files are replicated and stored with redundancy, using Azure Blob Storage offers the capability for disaster recovery.

Azure blob storage is one of several alternatives for your Artifactory filestore, scaling up or down as needed and with hot and cold storage tiers to match your changing needs for blob availability. With your filestore on Azure Blob Storage, and Artifactory also running on Azure, you can colocate all your DevOps services on the Microsoft Azure platform.