Artifactory Query Language (AQL)

Find the gold buried deep in your repositories with AQL.

Artifactory, build tools, CI servers and your whole development ecosystem generates vast amounts of metadata. Artifactory gives you tools to search through that metadata, but much of it is an inaccessible gold mine. Enter AQL.

AQL gives you unprecedented flexibility in how you search for artifacts. It offers a simple way to formulate complex queries that specify any number of search criteria, filters, sorting options and output fields. As a RESTful API which uses data streaming to provide output data, it is extremely fast and efficient with unbeatable response time and low memory consumption, which goes on to improve your build times.

AQL was spawned by real needs presented by customers trying to solve real-world problems. As soon as a REST API was added to solve an issue for one set of developers, another set of developers turned up with a similar, but not-quite-the-same issue, and the search limitations of a strict API became very clear. As a flexible query language that takes full advantage of the database underlying Artifactory’s unique architecture, AQL gives developers unlimited degrees of freedom to formulate exactly the right query to find those very specific artifacts they are searching for. This is something no other Binary Repository Manager can offer.

No matter how many files an enterprise may create, AQL lets you assemble builds with any set of components, define highly specific cleanup policies, find all weird or unusual licenses on any set of artifacts and much more. With AQL you are not limited by repository type and can search on any field or property found in the repository. Every bit of data in your repositories has now become available for you to mine – a veritable BI system.

Now, with Artifactory, you can find anything; just “Google” your repositories with AQL.