Majority of Fortune 500 Choose JFrog Artifactory to Accelerate Software Delivery

JFrog Releases JFrog Artifactory 4 – World’s Only Universal Artifact Repository; JFrog Artifactory 4 is the only Universal Artifact Repository combining High Availability, a secure Docker registry, npm repository and support for Maven, Gradle, Nuget, Yum, PyPI and other technologies — with a brand new, slick UI and UX; JFrog Artifactory 4 is the world’s only multi-platform solution enabling teams of DevOps and developers to manage and release software faster.

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Sept. 8, 2015 JFrog today announced the industry’s most powerful technology to date for managing software packages from development into production. JFrog Artifactory 4 represents disruptive innovation in its groundbreaking ability to help development and DevOps teams deliver increasingly complex solutions on ever-shorter deadlines across multiple platforms.

“We need to have a production, enterprise-quality artifact server for Docker images – a registry,” said Carl Quinn, software architect at Riot Games. “For Docker, we want something that we can scale out, manage with scripts and APIs, do strong authentication and be robust. The open source Docker registry is okay to get started with, but not something we wanted to go with at production scale. We’ve now adopted JFrog Artifactory, which is extremely versatile. If it’s not perfect, we can reconfigure it. We can add plug-ins. We can script it. It’s API-driven, so we can make it do what we want very easily.”

JFrog Artifactory 4 establishes a new category – the Universal Artifact Repository – that reflects JFrog’s unique commitment to enable faster software releases through the first platform-agnostic approach to storing and sharing binary artifacts.

Faster software development practices have become a top priority for companies – not just for those deep in the IT shop, but for leaders in the corporate boardroom, as the application of mobile, cloud computing and social media technologies drives transformation in every industry. A key aspect of software development is managing binaries, which are basic building blocks that development teams share in the software build process and include everything from Docker images to Node.js packages to RubyGems. Managing thousands of binaries that go into a software release and the associated metadata have become extremely challenging and complex as different types of binary artifacts have proliferated in the digital era. Traditional siloed approaches to managing binaries – a separate repository for each type of artifact – often make it difficult or impossible for developers to find and download the materials needed. This slows development and DevOps teams at a time when they’re under intense pressure to release software products faster.

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According to Forrester Research, Artifact Repositories are essential components of the Continuous Delivery pipeline, the [only] means by which organizations achieve rapid software delivery cycles. Artifact Repositories are or will become critical to automating key activities of the end-to-end software delivery process. Without a good artifact repository, it is difficult to prove that what was tested is actually what was released.

(“TechRadar™: Continuous Software Delivery, Q2 2015,” Forrester Research, Inc., May 1, 2015, Kurt Bittner and Diego Lo Giudice)

The Universal Artifact Repository dramatically speeds up the development process by enabling enterprises to manage all binary artifacts equally well, regardless of the programming language or technology used to create them.

“Enterprises use a vast array of heterogeneous technology stacks in the polyglot world we now live in, and many vendors have a vested interest in only enabling support for their stack of choice. There’s always an opportunity to bridge across stacks with a single product, and that’s exactly what JFrog has looked to do with Artifactory 4,” said Donnie Berkholz, research director at 451 Research. “They’re also keeping tabs on changes in the industry with Docker registry support and providing important enterprise features like high availability, which is even more important as companies look to move to continuous delivery.”

JFrog Artifactory 4 is the only artifact repository ready for the enterprise, with clustered high availability, support for multi-site teams, cloud availability, reliable storage and a proven security model. It integrates with all major CI/CD and DevOps tools, providing an end-to-end, automatable solution for tracking artifacts from build time to release.

“The world doesn’t need just another Docker registry or Maven repository. Our users expect nothing less than an enterprise-ready, one tool to serve all needs. The breakthroughs in JFrog Artifactory 4 represent a profound game-changer in how software is released,” said JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben Haim. “JFrog has the most amazing customers in the world, including Netflix, the largest online media company, Oracle, the largest business software company, and Riot Games, the largest online game company. They must live in a multi-platform world, with new technologies such as Docker arriving every year. They have been demanding a universal artifact repository that can scale to meet their most demanding workloads and give them freedom from lock-in to a particular platform. JFrog Artifactory 4 is the only universal solution that meets their needs.”

Top 100 fastest growing software companies in the US.
Top 100 fastest growing software companies in the US.

With a hybrid subscription model of on-prem and SaaS solutions, JFrog Artifactory has more than 1,400 paying customers, in additional to widespread use of the open source edition of the technology. Inc. Magazine

recently named JFrog one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States, and one of the top 100 software companies on its Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing private companies, with 690 percent growth over three years.


JFrog Artifactory 4 is available immediately for download.


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