What’s New in the JFrog Platform?

2020 is definitely a year to remember for all of us. Like you, we’ve been working from home and dealing with all kinds of new challenges and processes. But while we’re working through it side by side with you, we’ve continued to drive exceptional value with enhancements to the JFrog Platform. This includes changes in all products that allow better CI/CD orchestration, better binary management, innovative distribution, enhanced security, creative hybrid architectures and a better end-to-end platform experience. Here are all the new features we will cover in this webinar:

End to End platform

  • Multi-steps authentication
  • GraphQL for Metadata
  • Observability: Logs analytics and Open Metrics
  • Webhooks


  • P2P Downloads
  • Offline Distribution
  • Distribution via CDN


  • Dynamic node pools with K8S
  • Matrix Builds
  • Extensibility Framework
  • Deeper Jenkins Integration

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