The Riddle of Package Managers… Solved by Conan

As a C/C++ developer how do you choose the right package management system for your code? Does it have integrations? Do we need end-to-end binary management? Can it work with different software systems? Will it provide consistency to my CI/CD workflow? Just like Conan the Barbarian is forced to solve “the riddle of steel,” Conan with Artifactory solves “the riddle of package managers” for C and C++ developers!

In this session JFrog Developer Advocate Batel Tova we will share:

  • How C and C++ developers that are having issues when trying to create a repository system for their packages can solve this complex problem with Conan
  • How Conan abstracts away build systems, defines a “Project API” for C++ project, and provides a repository system for multi-binary packages
  • How it serves as a building block for Continuous Integration workflows


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