Zen and the Art of npm Artifacts

Webinar Description:
How do you ensure that the node modules you are using today are available tomorrow and beyond? What happens when a disgruntled NPM module developer removes a simple 11 line library rendering your project useless? (Waves fist at sky and screams .. LEFT-PAD).. How do you ensure that there is nothing malicious in those node modules? This session explains how to have zen in the ever-changing world of NPM development. How to utilize Artifactory with NPM development to ensure the success of your project and company. Embrace the quiet calm of Artifact management.

Who should attend:
Node developers who want to supercharge their development process and impress their bosses.

Understanding of npm development

The Agenda

  • Setting up Artifactory as your NPM repository in your project
  • Scanning your node modules with Xray > Policies and Governance
  • Building a CI/CD pipeline in Jenkins
  • Promoting your Packages for Production
  • CI for Docker to use NPM dependencies

Release Fast Or Die