Technology End-to-End Platform for Global DevOps

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how JFrog supports the US Federal Government. During Fall 2022, the DISA Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM) invited Seasoned Technologist Sudhindra Rao to discuss how the JFrog Platform can support the DevOps and DevSecOps foundation critical to an agency’s success. This presentation covers:

  • How to enable software teams worldwide to collaborate through all phases of the development cycle.
  • Meet the growing demands to develop and distribute software with tools required by DevOps teams to create, manage, and deploy.
  • Help control DevOps processes; Organizations can focus on innovation that drives business without worrying about infrastructure.

“The JFrog Platform, with its tightly integrated components, can help build a system from scratch or retrofit existing infrastructure to meet current and future DevOps or DevSecOps requirements.”

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