Protecting Your Software Supply Chain From Code to Cloud on AWS

Trusted software supply chain (SSC) security starts at the beginning of the software development life cycle, before a package even enters your systems. Millions of developers from startups to the Fortune 100 turn to open source software (OSS), but this can create unwanted risk and compliance violations from untrusted OSS packages. Can organizations strike a balance that enables developers to use the tools they need to constantly innovate and push new updates and releases without exposing their businesses to cyberattacks?

Watch this webinar for an insightful discussion on how companies are achieving open source harmony within DevSecOps to accelerate OSS package approvals, minimize friction and unlock developer freedom, all the while ensuring the security of the entire software supply chain. In this Techstrong Learning Experience, you’ll hear about the most pressing OSS vulnerabilities uncovered by JFrog and how to unlock frictionless package consumption with centralized visibility and control with solutions from JFrog and AWS.

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