Helm is the most popular templating tool for Kubernetes YAML files. Recently a new YAML overlay tool, Kustomize, has also started to become popular.

In this webinar, we discuss both these tools, when each one should be used and  how we can combine Helm templating with Kustomize overlays to get the best of both worlds. This process enables customers to modify any Helm charts maintained by JFrog (or any other vendor), without breaking upstream compatibility. Customers can use this to continuously uptake new releases and automate their CI/CD processes. We will walk through an example during the webinar.

Who should attend:

  • Developers who write many YAML files, Helm charts or use third-party Helm charts frequently.
  • Build engineers and release managers who want to automate their CI/CD using Kubernetes and Helm
Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of Kubernetes and Helm.
The Agenda :
  • Creating a basic helloworld YAML file
  • Basic introduction to Helm, discuss limitations of plain YAML files and creating a basic Helm chart to get around these limitations.
  • Basic introduction to Kustomize, discuss limitations of Helm chart and using Kustomize overlays on top of Helm charts to overcome these limitations.

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