Overcoming Latency for Distributed DevOps Teams

Webinar Description:
With DevOps teams working remotely and globally distributed, it can be harder than ever to keep everyone in sync. How can you assure everyone is on the same page? What about package version control to make sure everyone is on the latest updates everywhere in the world? How do you deal with the inevitable latency brought by home networks and providers? In this webcast, you’ll discover best practices to overcome the business, technical and personal latencies that come with new realities of distributed DevOps teams.

Who should attend:
Any developer or DevOps team member focused on software release management and delivery.

Basic understanding of software package management will help, but isn’t required!

The Agenda:

  • Basics of keeping teams in sync
  • Replicating to geo-distributed servers
  • How to overcome network latency but keep build pace
  • Cloud options for team sync and management
  • Getting software the last mile to the edge


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