Make Go Builds More Reliable with JFrog Artifactory and GoCenter

Webinar Description:

Golang (Go) has emerged as an increasingly popular programming language for developers. It is fast, safe, easy to work with, and allows for high levels of concurrency.

In this webinar, we will explore the different ways of working with Go. How can you control the source of your Go module downloads and assure that your builds are deterministic and secure? Why is your choice of server for your Go packages important. What is JFrog GoCenter, and how is it used with Artifactory? What are your GOPOXY configuration options?

The Agenda:

  • Why you need a GOPROXY and what are the different ways of using one.
  • Using Artifactory as a binary manager for downloading your Go modules
  • Comparing Artifactory to the Athens project
  • Using Artifactory with JFrog GoCenter

Additional Resources: 

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