Introduction to Package Management [HEBREW]

When you’re new to an industry, you encounter a lot of new concepts. We tend to use a lot of jargon, the documentation may be written for someone more experienced in mind or rely on contextual knowledge of the rest of the space, and it often doesn’t explain the “why” for the tool. This can make it really difficult to get your feet underneath you in an unfamiliar landscape, especially for junior engineers.

During this webinar we’ll break down what package or artifact management is — what that even means, when and why you should use a tool for it, and how something like this can make your life easier whether you’re just writing JavaScript or you’re working with Docker, too. We’ll also give you a practical example of how you can get started yourself, so you’re ready to experiment on your own!

Join us for a webinar at which we will explore:

  • Basic Package Management concepts.
  • Go through a definition of Package Management.
  • The different types of package managers and the role of binary repositories for easy distribution of packages.

More recourses: whitepaper: DevOps: 8 Reasons for DevOps to use a Binary Repository Manager

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