Introducing JFrog Mission Control

Now you can have centralized control, management and monitoring for all your enterprise artifact assets globally.

By providing a clear and instant picture of the relationships and flow between your different development organizations, Mission Control provides your IT and Ops leaders real-time visibility into worldwide development, distribution, and consumption of software packages.

Main items reviewed during the webinar

While working with leading enterprises, JFrog has discovered a common set of issues tends to bog down software development and Ops teams as they scale up to thousands of developers and engineers in multiple teams leveraging multiple data centers around the world. We will review the issues and how JFrog Mission control solves them.

Getting started with JFrog Mission Control 1.0 Preview and how it views, manages, and monitors all of your world-wide Artifactory Enterprise instances in real-time.

Review of top features:

Centralized: View, manage and monitor all your worldwide Artifactory Enterprise instances from one place in real-time.

Productive: Understand the flow of artifact assets between sites to maximize productivity.

Secure: Manage provisioning and entitlements to ensure consistently secure environments across all sites.

Robust: Configure JFrog Artifactory automatically with standard, reusable modules and avoid error-prone, repetitive, manual configuration.

Alert: Closely monitor system health of all your enterprise Artifactory installations.

Here are some answers to additional questions that were asked during the webinar.

Q: What are the future plans for Mission Control?
A: Over the next few releases, we will add REST API support, enhanced monitoring options and Artifactory license management.

Q: Is there any analytics in Mission Control to learn about who did what?
A: Yes, Mission Control has an audit log located in the logs folder. In the audit log you can view users, action taken and the status of each action.

Q: Is there any notification system like sending email when an instance goes down?
A: This is an excellent feature that we are considering.

Q: Any plans to update/upgrade multiple instances from Mission Control?
A: Mission Control can already update existing instances. As for upgrading the version of an Artifactory instance, this is an important feature that we are considering for future releases.

Q: When will the official version of Mission Control be released?
A: The official Mission Control will be released by the end of the year.

Q: Why is the manage features in Mission Control limited to Enterprise licenses? Is it a technical limitation or a product management choice?
Yes. This is a business decision to offer Mission Control to customers with Enterprise licenses for free.

Q: During the webinar “extension installation” were referred to, can you explain what they are?
A: Extension installation refers to JFrog Mission Control plugins. The plugins include additional functionality to JFrog Atrifactory REST API such as LDAP Setting plugin or proxy plugin and many more.

Q: Are you going to open source Mission Control?
A: For the foreseeable future, it will remain proprietary.


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