How to gain visibility and control over your software lifecycle

Managing software releases today is a complicated tangle of tools and processes often lacking visibility, traceability, and consistency. For most organizations there is no one place that defines the “release” as a single entity composed of multiple software pieces, and then tracks all the activities taken against the release to ensure its quality and security as it moves towards approval for consumption.

Release Lifecycle Management with the JFrog Platform provides software organizations a single system of record and modern approach to managing the maturation and release of software. Organizations can trust the integrity of releases, while also gaining valuable insights and automating compliance and audit tasks for multiple stakeholders including compliance teams, development, and release managers.

In this webinar join JFrog’s Irena Guy, Senior Product Manager, and Noam Eshkoli, Director of R&D, as they show how organizations can gain visibility into the status of their release lifecycle process while also implementing important quality controls.

Release Fast Or Die