How a CSO can help Developers implement security

This webinar  centers around the pivotal role of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) in driving secure software implementation. JFrog’s CSO, Moran Ashkenazi delves into the responsibilities and challenges faced by CSOs in ensuring secure software development practices. She shares practical techniques to communicate the importance of security, establish robust governance frameworks, and drive a culture of security awareness throughout the organization. Gain invaluable insights as we share our expertise, focusing on strategies to effectively champion security within the software development process.

Explore proven strategies for assessing and mitigating risks, integrating security into the development process, and aligning security practices with business objectives. By leveraging your position as a CISO or CSO, you can inspire and guide development teams to prioritize security, identify vulnerabilities, and implement best practices to safeguard critical assets. Enhance your knowledge and confidence as a leader, equipped with actionable insights and strategies to drive secure software implementation.

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