[Hands-on Lab] – End-to-End DevOps with the JFrog Platform

Learn how to turbocharge your DevOps experience to achieve new levels of agility and efficiency at scale. See the advanced user experience that delivers all JFrog products, permissions, administration, and metadata in a single-pane-of-glass. Our expert will demonstrate this comprehensive platform for complete artifact management throughout the software supply chain. We’ll take a closer look at some of its key features and components, including JFrog Mission Control, JFrog Xray, JFrog Distribution, Access Federation, and JFrog Pipelines.

Hands-on Agenda: 

  • Learn how to create a release bundle, sign it, scan it, and have it be blocked from Distribution because of vulnerability or license compliance violations.
  • See how to execute the same use case with JFrog Pipelines via the use of a pipeline to build a Release Bundle containing a Helm chart and Docker container simulating a Web Services deployment
  • The using JFrog Pipelines to distribute the Release Bundle to a JFrog Artifactory Edge for deployment
  • We also show how to use JFrog Artifactory Edge nodes as Edge level cache with Smart Repositories
  • We will be using both a Self Hosted JFrog Enterprise Plus Platform and JFog Enterprise Plus SaaS Hybrid

Release Fast Or Die