Webinar – Enterprise-Grade DevOps Solutions for a Start Up Budget

Even though you’re a small startup or medium-sized business and just beginning your product journey, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a robust and scalable DevOps environment like the Enterprise experts. It is always a good practice when building a startup or a new company to have a solid foundation and start implementing efficient and scalable solutions early. Join and learn how having a limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t have Enterprise quality tools.


Following the webinar, these great questions were asked by the audience and might be of interest to you.

Can I get security with this solution at this same budget?

JFrog offers a Security and Compliance solution that natively integrates with Artifactory, called Xray. The entry level cloud solution is ‘Cloud Pro’ which doesn’t include Xray. Xray however, is included in the ‘Cloud Pro X’ and ‘Cloud Enterprise’ solutions, which also include 24/7 global technical support. Pricing and cloud provider details here

Can I use this solution as a Container Registry?

Absolutely, lots of our Artifactory customers are already using Artifactory as a Container Registry. In fact Artifactory is the industry leading container registry with a richer set of features verses some of our competing solutions. It supports Docker, Helm, Virtual and remote repositories, multi and hybrid cloud amongst many other features. The benefits of our checksum-based storage can also help reduce the storage and bandwidth requirements of your organization when using Artifactory as your Container Registry.

Do you include maintenance and upgrades?

Yes we do, maintenance and upgrades are included in each of our cloud solutions. For our SaaS solutions we also manage everything for you and provide SLA backed guaranteed uptime.

What are the resource requirements for me to set it up?

You can get started quickly with one of our many trial offerings from our self-service portal and we also offer marketplace options if you prefer to have integrated billing with your existing cloud provider(s). Once a trial is activated we email you the access credentials to your cloud instance, which will get you running with a working Artifactory (Cloud Pro) and Xray instance (Cloud ProX or Enterprise). You can manage your billing and cloud subscriptions from a personalized MyJFrog customer portal. Resource requirements to get started with an on-prem instance require more effort, but we do provide a variety of installation options including Linux, Windows, Docker, and Kubernetes. Keep in mind that on-prem maintenance and upgrades will need to be managed by you, rather than our cloud options which JFrog manages for you.

What are my options for on-prem or hybrid-cloud solutions in the future?

We offer Artifactory and Xray in on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions; and we have many customers using combinations of all of these solutions already today.

Do you support multi-cloud for this solution?

Yes we do support multi-cloud solutions, in fact many of our cloud customers already have multi-cloud deployments across multiple regions.

How much does all of this cost?

The pricing depends on which solution you choose. Our SaaS (Cloud) solutions start at as low as $98 per month with choice of SaaS provider. Pricing and cloud provider details here

Will I get any support?

The entry level cloud solution ‘Cloud Pro’ doesn’t include our 24/7 global support or the security and compliance solution Xray. Both Xray and 24/7 global technical support is available in the ‘Cloud Pro X’ and ‘Cloud Enterprise’ solutions.

How many customers are using Artifactory?

Artifactory is at the heart of all of the solutions we offer. Today we have over 5,500 customers using Artifactory (including over 70% of the Fortune 100 companies) so we have millions of developers and DevOps engineers using Artifactory all over the world. Artifactory is a rock solid DevOps solution that is proven across all types of industries - Finance & Banking, Insurance, Medical, Automotive, IoT, Food & Beverage, Technology, Medical, Military & Aerospace, Government and more…

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