[EMEA] – Hands-on Lab – Manage Security and Compliance with JFrog Xray

In this webinar, you will learn how to accelerate your delivery timelines with confidence and ensure vulnerability security and license compliance with JFrog Xray. We will demonstrate how JFrog Xray combines all the benefits of Artifactory’s Universal Artifact Management, with JFrog Xray’s deep recursive scanning for a natively integrated security vulnerability & license compliance experience.

Hands-on Agenda: 

  • Implementing Continuous Security with JFrog Xray
  • How to configure JFrog Xray to protect your pipeline from dev to edge
  • Getting set up: IDE integration
  • Configuring policies, watches, and alerts to work in your IDE, CI server and artifact repository
  • License compliance in just a few clicks
  • How to ignore a violation
  • Q&A

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