Accelerating Artifacts Distribution Across Repositories and Runtime Environments

When your remote offices around the world can’t get their hands on the most recent builds fast enough for continued testing, when your infrastructure nodes can’t download Bill-of-Materials (BOM) of 1,000s GBs in order to start a release deployment, or when your customers and developer ecosystem can’t download your recent drivers, plugins or OSS in a reliable manner — productivity and release velocity suffer. Artifacts distribution across remote locations and hyper-scale hybrid environments has become increasingly more challenging in the last couple of years, due to recent trends in modern software delivery.

In this webinar we will:

  • Explore the new challenges around artifact distribution at global scale – including networking, security, cloud native artifacts, Edge explosion, and more.
  • Share best practices and key capabilities in the JFrog Platform – JFrog Distribution, P2P, and CDN – designed to enable enterprises with a simple, scalable, fast solution for securely distributing software artifacts globally, to internal/external repositories and Production end-points.

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