Delivering Fearless Updates with JFrog Distribution

Webinar Description: 
With the shortening of software development cycles, the ability to continuously integrate and release application updates to any deployment target is becoming crucial to the success of your business.

A common bottleneck in the delivery pipeline for large organizations is the need to distribute, synchronize, and secure software artifacts and release bundles, across:

  1. Large, geo-distributed, disparate teams and remote sites
  2. Large-scale, remote, deployment targets – which can span cloud infrastructure, on-prem, air-gapped environments, or embedded/IoT devices.

JFrog Distribution is a centralized solution that enables automated, fast, secure distribution of software releases to any deployment edge. It enables you to distributed applications in a way that is immutable, compliant, scalable, and efficient – where you can even overcome limited bandwidth and network lag.

JFrog Distribution is tightly integrated with your CI/CD pipeline to allow you to deliver releases with confidence. Join this webinar to learn about:

  1. Key challenges with software distribution at scale
  2. JFrog Distribution solution architecture: Signed release bundles, smart replication, efficient network utilization, and more.
  3. Best practices for accelerating releases and ensuring security and compliance across large-scale deployments
  4. Key use cases and patterns used by some of the largest organizations in the world to improve developer productivity and release fidelity with JFrog Distribution.
  5. Solution demo: from 0 to Hero with JFrog Distribution


Additional Resources: 

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Getting Started with JFrog Distribution


Following the webinar, these great questions were asked by the audience and might be of interest to you.

What is the difference between Bintray and Distribution?

Bintray is simply the SaaS solution for distribution while Distribution is the OnPrem solution.
There are more pros for the Distribution service as it works flawlessly with all the other JFrog products.

Do I need separate Xray instance dedicated for distribution to scan Release bundles ?

Distribution doesn't require Xray for itself. Xray will be connected only to Artifactory and when using Distribution, it knows to fetch artifacts that were scanned.

Does any source of Artifactory need to have Xray?

Yes, that is correct. Each Artifactory cluster should have it's own Xray instance.

Is an edge node placed at the customer location?

There are few scenarios for using the edge node. One of them is that the edge will be in the customer network yes.

How can I check for a valid package signature from my runtime?

The signature in Distribution is for the release bundle and not for artifact itself on runtime. The signing here is to verify that the release-bundle is being replicated to right location (that has the public key) and it makes the release bundle immutable (cannot be changed at all)

Define Artifactory edge nodes?

Edge is a lightweight read-only artifactory instance for handling and hosting immutable release bundles. Edges are deployed closer to production sites/DC. It's only possible to transfer software updates (release bundles) to the Edge nodes through JFrog Distribution. No direct upload or replication is allowed. This ensures data integrity and compliance. I hope this answers your question.

Once a release bundle is created and there is need to add additional files to the release how can we do that?

You can create a release bundle and add/remove files before signing the release bundles with the GPG Keys. After signing the release bundles are immutable you cannot edit them. 

Does this plaftrom have capability to create Build Pipeline as well?

Yes, You can use JFrog Pipelines to automate and build Pipelines. 

Is rules for Xray configurable ?

Yes, you can defines policies in Xray. 

Distribution is a pay feature, correct?

JFrog Distribution and Edge nodes are part of our E+  subscription. 

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