CTO Corner with Yoav Landman, JFrog Episode 2: The importance of securing binaries

Want a glimpse at what it is like to be a CTO of a DevOps company? Join JFrog’s CTO Yoav Landman for our new CTO Corner Series. Each episode will feature a topic that is at the forefront of every technologist’s mind… or should be. Yoav will be discussing hot topics in tech with other industry leaders giving you an opportunity to see behind the curtain of the decision makers.

Episode 2 – The Importance of Binaries
This particular episode will focus on binaries and the intersection and importance of securing binaries in the broader scope of supply chain security. Joining Yoav is Matt Moore, co-founder and CTO of Chainguard. Both will discuss the security challenges facing developers using open source code and binary package managers. They will discuss several authentication and open source security tools like Sigstore, BuildInfo, and the newest project JFrog is working with other companies to develop, Pyrsia.
Join us for an open discussion with two experts on the cutting edge of securing your development lifecycle.

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