Creation of Your Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM)

The security and compliance advantages of SBOMs have always been important. However, SBOMs have become especially critical today, for two main reasons.

The prevalence of open source software, which 72 percent of companies now use internally or as part of commercial products, according to the Linux Foundation. SBOMs help ensure that businesses use open source in a secure and compliant way.

Security risks related to the origin of software have become a major concern, in large part due to software supply chain attacks with massive impact such as the SolarWinds or the recent Log4j & Log4shell vulnerability exposures.

In this session, we cover how to use JFrog Xray to create high fidelity SBOMs, and why this binary metadata is invaluable to track and trace software vulnerabilities in your code. We dive into why this is important and why most implementations today are low fidelity.


  • What is in an SBOM?
  • How it will benefit you
  • Common misconceptions around it
  • Best practices for securing your code

Check out our SBOM Resource Center for more information.

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