Creating your own private Download Center and automating software distribution with Bintray

Maintaining a download center eats up valuable resources. Bintray offers a new and effective way to distribute your software packages, both internally and externally. Whether you’re distributing commercial software that requires a secure permission-based download center, or want to distribute free open source software, Bintray has the solution built-in.

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Welcome and Housekeeping
01:18 – What You Will Learn
02:13 – What is Continuous Distribution?
04:47 – Requirements for a Modern Download Center
06:20 – Download Center: Company Perspective
07:08 – Download Center: Enterprise Reality
09:05 – Introducing Bintray
10:18 – The Bintray Advantage
11:15 – Bintray now supports Docker
12:04 – How Bintray achieves a fanatic uptime
13:49 – What you will see in the demo
14:58 – Demo: Creating a Download Center in 10 minutes
37:51 – Q: How Bintray deals with “other” file types?
38:31 – Q: How Free, Pro and Enterprise Plans differ?
39:56 – Q: How locality is achieved?
41:26 – Q: What is the difference between Artifactory and Bintray?
42:43 – Q: How can a user without Bintray account download from private package?
44:07 – Q: How can ID of the downloader be received?
45:00 – Q: User management delegation to external systems
46:06 – Q: What is the difference between repository and package?

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