The Evolution of Culture, Technology and the Community at JFrog – JFrog Founders

Alan Shimel, Founder and Editor at, interviews Fred Simon – Chief Data Scientist, Yoav Landman – CTO, and Shlomi Ben Haim – CEO, the three co-founders of JFrog and orchestrates an enlightening and lively panel discussion covering the following topics:

– How they started JFrog and created a unique and lasting culture of dedicated and passionate JFrog employees over a ten year period.

– The JFrog Journey and how software has evolved from Artifactory being the first Maven Repository in 2009, into the world’s most popular Universal Artifact Repository today.

– Growing the JFrog community from nothing to a thriving community including millions of developers and a diverse set of partners and advocates

– Their vision and concept of “Liquid Software” and what it means and what’s in store for the future.

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