Kroger Uses Artifactory Enterprise and Xray Across their CI/CD Pipeline

Mike Smith is an Enterprise Technical Architect and Brad Becktell is a DevOps Engineer at Kroger. Kroger is the largest retail grocery company in America. They assist their developers and engineers in delivering products that support the shopping experience of their customers. Kroger is an early adopter of Artifactory for its universal binary repository capabilities as they utilized many build technologies. All developers at Kroger use Artifactory. In day-to-day operations, both Artifactory and Xray are being used.

Artifactory is an integral part of Kroger’s CI/CD pipeline across the enterprise and has become the gateway to all their deployments as its a mission-critical application that is highly available (HA) and HA in a hybrid cloud environment. Xray is being used as their security solution to help identify vulnerable Docker images and what needs to be fixed. In addition, the licensing aspect of Xray is being looked at as a solution to help their developers understand when to include or not include a particular library or artifact.

Learn more about how Artifactory and Xray’s functionality set helps Kroger become more agile and provides visibility to what binaries are being included in their Docker images.

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