JFrog Head of Developer Relations talks about the next big thing: JFrog Pipelines – Baruch Sadogursky, JFrog

Baruch Sadogursky, Head of Developer Relations at JFrog. discusses several topics of interest with Alan Shimel, Founder and Editor at DevOps.com.

– JFrog events promote the culture not only of the frogs but of the community. The openness, sharing, and learning from each other. And the peer-to-peer learning sets it apart.

– Of all the announcements at swampUP, the Unified Experience is super important, but Baruch thinks Pipelines is the most exciting. JFrog’s Pipelines is a game-changer. What is Pipelines? Is it a CI server or CD provisioner? It is but it’s more than that and it’s neither. It’s an orchestration engine built into the JFrog Enterprise Platform. It allows you to plug in any piece and unplug other pieces and have a better experience whether you keep your existing tools or do something else. Set up flows without code using descriptors in YAML and plug-and-play with other tools.

– For greenfield projects, Pipelines, provides the entire unified experience out of the box, easy to set up and manage, to monitor and observe.

– Yalla DevOps – DevOps event in Israel, September 24, Jessica Deen will be a speaker there.

– Liquid Software – swampUP 2019 shows the transformation from a vision to a reality of continuous updates. The E+ platform and the IoT demo of a bug fix over the air to an RC car racing around a track show our progress in making it a reality.

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