End-to-End DevOps Platform As A Service with ReleaseIQ and JFrog

Seetharam Param
Co-Founder & CEO

The line between CI and CD is blurring, and developers are looking to get end-to-end visibility from commit to production.

This can be achieved by using best-of-breed DevOps tools OR reliance on a single vendor. If you already have significant time and resource investments in using your current toolchains, it can be excruciating to rip and replace everything, sacrificing best-of-breed tools to go with a single vendor.

ReleaseIQ offers a Unified DevOps Platform as a Service which radically simplifies and provides a true end-to-end DevOps pipeline by integrating with the best-of-breed tools.

This session will cover how ReleaseIQ Platform integrates with JFrog Artifactory, JFrog Xray, and JFrog Pipelines to accelerate software releases and increase team productivity.

Release Fast Or Die