Your Artifactory Setup: 50% off of Usage Growth

JFrog is pleased to announce a special program to support your DevOps scaling. Starting September 10th, JFrog will take 50% off the cost of your growth!

How does it work? For every additional dollar that you invest, JFrog will match with a $0.50 credit. No need for you to register, this promotion will automatically apply over the next 3 months of your subscription.

Here are some ideas for how to scale on us:

  • Include additional technologies like HelmDocker, and GO in Artifactory
  • Expand Artifactory to new teams in the organization
  • Migrate legacy systems to Artifactory
  • Kick-off new projects within Artifactory

Terms and Conditions

  1. In order to enjoy the discount, you must be an existing JFrog cloud customer with a Artifactory Cloud Pro or Cloud Pro X Subscription (“Artifactory Cloud”), which can only be used for your usage of such server. This offer is available for monthly paying Artifactory Cloud customers only.
  2. Between September through November 2019, if your monthly usage amount for your Artifactory Cloud subscription (“Subscription”) exceeds your Usage Amount for each month, JFrog shall provide a 50% discount of such excess amount to your current Artifactory Cloud subscription account (“Discount”). Such Discount shall automatically apply to your next billing month. For the purpose of the Discount, “Usage Amount” shall mean the highest invoiced amount between the months of August, September, or October 2019.
  3. The Discount can only be used towards your usage of your Artifactory Cloud Subscription and cannot be resold, transferred or exchanged, refunded, replaced or redeemed for cash or to be used with any other instances of Artifactory Cloud you or any third party may have.
  4. Each JFrog Cloud account is eligible to receive such Discount between September and November 2019 only.
  5. JFrog reserves the right to decline to provide a Discount where, in its reasonable opinion, the subscription for which the Discount sought is not in compliance with these terms or is the subject of fraudulent activity.
  6. This special offer is valid between September 01, 2019 and until November 30, 2019.