4 Reasons Why JFrog Customers Leverage Cloud Marketplaces to Accelerate Their DevSecOps Transformation

Organizations seeking to migrate their DevSecOps to the cloud with JFrog have flexible deployment options. In addition to procuring the JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform directly, many customers are turning to cloud marketplaces to streamline their purchasing process.

1. Draw Down Your Cloud Committed Spend

Marketplaces offer simple contracting, the ability to use committed spend, and access to pre-vetted, cloud-ready software.

Did you know: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure allow for third-party software purchases through their marketplaces to count towards committed spend.

Cloud spending commitments can generate more predictability and consistency in public cloud costs for the business, but delivers new areas of expansion and efficiency for IT, development, and security teams.

Spending commitments can often be utilized against approved services in a cloud providers’ marketplace, including private offers.

Using cloud committed funds to purchase third-party software allows customers to better meet their commitments if falling short on their core cloud infrastructure spend, or by increasing their total spend to allow for larger discounts in the future.

By leveraging pre-negotiated cloud pricing and commitments, you ensure that your organization’s financial resources are utilized to their fullest potential.

What’s cloud committed spend?

Cloud committed spend refers to multi-year contracts with minimum cloud spend requirements in return for bulk discounts on cloud infrastructure costs.

Many enterprise organizations hold cloud spending commitments, and purchases made on cloud marketplaces like the JFrog Platform count toward an organization’s spend commitment.

Does your company have a cloud commit budget? If you’re not sure, ask your partner, alliances, or procurement team to learn if purchasing through a cloud marketplace will help your organization meet its cloud spend commitments.

$341B in unspent cloud commitments

2. Consolidate Your Billing and Vendors

Marketplace purchases are paid directly to the cloud provider on your cloud bill.

Say goodbye to the headache of juggling multiple bills and welcome the simplicity of consolidated billing. Cloud marketplaces bring all your software and service charges under one roof. This consolidation also enhances visibility into cloud spending, enabling more informed budgeting and cost optimization strategies.

3. Reduce Finance and Operations Overhead

Streamline software procurement for operational efficiency.

By having JFrog Platform, cloud marketplace, and infrastructure purchases all flow through the same payment process, teams can more efficiently manage and track their software expenditures.

This efficiency accelerates the software acquisition process and simplifies compliance and vendor management, allowing finance and operations teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down by procurement logistics.

In addition, marketplaces can help decrease your organization’s risk profile through better software governance and procurement processes. You can also experience more flexibility in licensing and a reduction in licensing costs.

4. Speed Up Time to Value

Efficient deal management means faster implementation, unlocking digital transformation.

The JFrog Platform comes pre-vetted and ready-to-integrate via AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace, and Azure Marketplace. Rapidly deploy JFrog and accelerate your project timelines to achieve your DevSecOps goals faster.

Additionally, seamless integration capabilities ensure compatibility and reduce risk of deployment delays, allowing organizations to quickly realize the benefits of their investments and focus on driving business value.

With the JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform, you can utilize the cloud to unify, accelerate, and secure your software delivery, from development to distribution. The JFrog Platform offers deeper DevSecOps capabilities in a flexible and expandable platform that delivers increased security, visibility, and control.

View JFrog in AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace, and Microsoft Asure Marketplace.

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