Designing for Go Developers @ GoSF Meetup

Designing as a Developer in GoLang
Gone are the days when Software Engineers can assume the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) is somebody else’s problem. The disconnect between Design and Development can often be a fatal one, with the success of your software implementation potential in jeopardy. In this talk, we look at The 7 Facets of User Experience by Peter Morville and how to consider them from a technical development point of view. We will also look at the “whys” of a design, so you can build a product that excels in functionality without compromising the designer’s vision.

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Sushrut Athavale

Sushrut Athavale

Software Engineer- Partner Engineering

Sushrut Athavale is a Software Engineer at JFrog on the Partner Engineering Team. He is a Full Stack Web Developer who is skilled in object-oriented languages including GoLang, Python, C++, and Java. He also has a passion for UX & UI design principles. When he is away from the keyboard, Sushrut loves to perform in the theater as opportunities arrive, and he considers himself a movie buff.