DevOps Patterns and Antipatterns for Continuous Software Updates @ DevOps Kansas City Meetup

DevOps Patterns and Antipatterns for Continuous Software Updates
Kat Cosgrove will analyze real-world software update failures and how multiple DevOps patterns that fit various scenarios could have saved the developers. Manually ensuring that everything works before sending an update and expecting the user to do acceptance tests before they update is most definitely not on the list of such patterns.


Kat Cosgrove

Kat Cosgrove

Developer Advocate at JFrog

Kat Cosgrove is a chronic early-adopter of new technologies and a real-life cyborg. Her professional engineering background is in web development, IoT, and programming education, but today she's a Developer Advocate for JFrog. She loves finding creative solutions for hard problems, especially if they're a little hacky. When she's not building demos or at a conference, she spends her time gaming, watching e-sports, and working on useless but entertaining side-projects. She also volunteers with area non-profits geared towards getting more women and other underrepresented minorities into tech.

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