Demystifying the SBOM’s impact on Secure Software Deployment @ OWASP Bay Area Meetup

In a nutshell, SBOMs provides visibility into which components make up a piece of software and detail how it was put together, so it’s easy to determine if it contains security and compliance issues. In this talk, we’ll discuss • What exactly is an SBOM? • Securing your Software Supply Chain • Why SBOM must be a key element of your software development life cycle’s (SDLC) security and compliance approach • The misconceptions that exist around SBOMs • Insights and best practices on SBOM creation and usage.

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Bill Manning

Bill Manning

Bill is a Solutions Engineering Manager with JFrog. He is also a mentor with TechStars (Nike Incubator), Matter, and NestGSV. He has successfully exited 3 companies and took one public in Australia. He also currently helping various startups as an advisor. In his spare time, he likes to travel with his wife and two boys. He also plays guitar, lives for the beach and rides skateboards.

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