Upcoming Hands-On Workshops

JFrog Advanced Security [English]

November 30, 9AM PST / 6PM CET

Join us this November as Sven Ruppert, JFrog Developer Advocate, walks attendees through the new JFrog Advanced Security capabilities in our upcoming workshop. With JFrog you can intelligently deliver secure software at speed and scale with the industry’s…

JFrog Advanced Security [German]

November 30, 11AM CET

Begleiten Sie uns am 30. November, wenn Sven Ruppert, JFrog Developer Advocate, in unserem bevorstehenden Workshop durch die neuen JFrog Advanced Security-Funktionen führt. Mit JFrog können Sie mit der branchenweit einzigen DevOps-zentrierten Sicherheitslösung auf intelligente Weise sichere Software schnell und…


December 7, 11AM PST / 2PM EST

In this workshop, we will explore the advantages of having a robust, mature universal artifact repository manager at the heart of the software development cycle. We will explore the most important concerns when developing rich applications and adapting to a…

Container Image Management for Everyday DevOps

December 14, 3PM CEST

This one-hour workshop will give you hands-on experience wrangling the artifacts you use for your containerized app, how to trace related dependencies and why that is important, and increase your productivity by efficiently storing the images and charts you need…

Supply Chain Security Introduction

December 14, 10AM CEST

More and more attacks are aimed at the entire supply chain, which means that we developers are increasingly targeted by the attackers. Attacks like the SolarWinds hack show us that making sure you don’t use vulnerable dependencies isn’t enough. The…