Upcoming Webinars

DevOps Omniscience with JFrog Xray - Universal Component & Impact Analysis for your Data Center

Wednesday, July 25th 12:30 PM CET

Learn how to leverage JFrog Xray to achieve radical transparency of the binary components in your data center.  Understand the impact of these components on production system quality, performance, and architectural changes.  

Are you ready for Enterprise+?

Tuesday, July 31st 10:30AM PST

In this webinar, we will discuss how Enterprise+ supplies a unified platform for teams managing Jfrog tools at scale. The new capabilities for topologies enabled by Access Federation, how JFrog Distribution can transform how you deliver…

K.I.S.S My SaaS

Tuesday, August 7th 10:30AM PST

Join us, while we demonstrate everything in between on how to create a fully-fledged DevOps pipeline in a cloud, not in months nor days but in a more effective timeline.

The Five P’s: Planning, Promotion & Packaging of Product Pipelines

Tuesday, August 14th 10:30AM PST

Learn how to have better control and information to become a software development powerhouse as we discuss the three “P’s”: Planning, Promotion, and Packaging, how to leverage repositories, package your binaries, and use Artifactory promotion API to enhance your CI…

JFrog Xray and NeuVector provide Kubernetes application security for developers

Wednesday, August 15th 10:00AM PST

Join this webinar to learn how the new integration between JFrog and NeuVector solves the shift-left security dilemma and provides security of applications for DevOps teams. [note: externally hosted webinar]

Webinars On Demand

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