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JFrog and Qwak:

Trusted MLOps pipelines, simplified

Yoav Landman

CTO & Co-Founder, JFrog

Yuval Fernbach

CTO, Qwak

The pace of evolution in AI/ML is rapidly increasing, but bringing AI/ML services to production is still difficult and often fails. Organizations need a way to get on board the bullet train of AI in a reliable, safe, and responsible way.

Join us to hear from senior technology visionaries – JFrog CTO Yoav Landman, and Qwak CTO, Yuval Fernbach  – on how the unification of JFrog and Qwak will deliver:

  • One platform for DevSecOps & MLSecOps, offering a holistic ML software supply chain from traditional models to LLMs and GenAI.
  • Managing models as a package allowing you to version, manage, and secure models the same way you do any other software package with DevSecOps best practices.
  • Model traceability back to their source for easy recall, retraining and redeployment if something goes wrong with production model

Webinar Schedule

  • July 22 | 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET (Americas)
  • July 23 | 9:30 AM GST / 11:00 AM IST (UAE/India)
  • July 24 | 11:00 AM SGT / 1:00 PM AET (Singapore/Australia)
  • July 24 | 10:00 AM CET (Europe)

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