Binary management in the DevOps world with JFrog Artifactory

Course overview

Managing binaries correctly is essential to the success of any CI/CD initiative and DevOps standard. As a universal repository manager, JFrog Artifactory is the most popular binary repository in the DevOps ecosystem, providing high availability, performance and storage optimization. Moreover, securing your binaries as early on and throughout your CI/CD pipeline is essential for proper DevSecOps. JFrog Xray provides this required security scanning and open source license governance.

This hands-on training covers the importance of binary management, key Artifactory and Xray features, best practices, working with repository management and build system integration, automating security scanning and enforcing company security and licensing governance policies. You’ll also get – an overview of the complete JFrog Platform that includes: JFrog Distribution and Release Bundles, Edge Nodes, JFrog Mission Control and Access Federation.

Developers and DevOps engineers

Basic understanding of the overall Software Development Lifecycle


Metadata and Security
Build Integration
High Availability
DevSecOps and binary scanning overview
JFrog Platform overview

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Sydney, Australia
October 27, 2020
London, UK
October 13, 2020
New York, New York
October 7, 2020
Atlanta, Georgia
September 23, 2020
Nice, France
August 25, 2020
San Francisco, California
August 11, 2020
Munich, Germany
July 21, 2020
Singapore, Singapore
June 17, 2020
Seattle, Washington
June 10, 2020
London, UK
May 27, 2020
Mountain View, California
May 19, 2020
Bangalore, India
June 3, 2020
New York, New York
April 21, 2020
Paris, France
April 18, 2020
Tel Aviv, Israel
May 12, 2020
San Francisco, California
March 11, 2020

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