JFrog Connect IoT platform now supports RTOS and other embedded devices

We are happy to announce today that JFrog Connect IoT platform now completely supports RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) and other embedded computers that are able to work with REST-APIs. JFrog Connect new REST-API make it possible to register and connect any device with a quick, easy HTTPS request. You can read more about the new API in our docs under ‘Agent API’.

JFrog Connect Agent API

The new JFrog Connect Agent API addresses the need for managing a fleet of Linux based devices and other embedded devices like Arduino, FreeRtos based hardware, Cortex-M based devices, Embedded Windows and more.

Managing and maintaining any connected product in one-place is now easy than before here at JFrog Connect platform.

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.