JFrog Connect (formerly Upswift) December exciting release is here

December platform upgrades - new features, much better control

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Here at JFrog Connect, we highly value our customers’ feedback and treat them with the utmost importance to constantly improve the services we provide. Their stories from a wide range of industries and different use cases are our core for developing tools and features that will make the daily management and maintenance of their edge devices easy and as comprehensive as possible.

JFrog Connect's new platform tools take Remote Controlling and Monitoring of our customers’ Linux edge IoT devices to a whole new level of autonomy; delivering state-of-the-art capabilities in providing a better end-to-end approach for the devices that are being managed remotely.

What’s new in the December Update?

Control Center

We’ve been receiving many requests to add a Control Center section to the dashboard, to provide better accessibility to remote access tools. Now you can find 3 main tools in the brand-new Control Center on your dashboard, providing you:

  • Remote Control - The great known Remote Control tool in an arranged category with all the details you need to have a better understanding of your actions.
  • Remote Access - An amazing new tool to remotely access any network port on your local device through a custom JFrog Connect URL, equivalent to a dynamic DNS resolver. An invaluable tool when it comes to remotely connecting to the device using a remote desktop tool such as VNC or accessing a web application hosted on the edge device, or directly accessing the device through a local SSH tunnel.
  • Commands - The famous tool to send Bash commands in a new sub-category name that makes everything more organized and straightforward.


JFrog Connect's new Logs category transforms how you experience your Linux edge devices in the field. The new Logs tool has been built keeping one thing in mind; to assist you in pulling files of any kind from your devices just by entering a path to a folder or a specific file, simple and natural as possible. Want to fetch that log file your device has been keeping for a while now? Enter its path and in a matter of seconds, it’ll be right at your fingertips.


JFrog Connect's latest Security category is the most requested tool from our customers all over the world. The new security tool provides active and passive features to ensure that your devices are secured 24/7, anywhere in the world. 

JFrog Connect Agent v5.3

Yes; we have made the impossible possible. The JFrog Connect Agent v5.3 update takes only 2MB of disk space, a comparable size reduction from the previous versions, which were around 9MB This makes version 5.3 exceptionally suitable for embedded Linux based systems with storage space constraints.

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