JFrog Connect device management for BeagleBone devices is everywhere

The JFrog Connect device management platform supports a wide range of Linux based devices and it is always nice to see new customers with new types of boards joining the new generation of remote management. Here at JFrog Connect, we can share that in the last few months, JFrog Connect customers all around the world joined with BeagleBone boards.

BeagleBone board has become one of the known board manufacturers and communities for industrial projects in a small and big scale. One of the big advantages that make the BeagleBone a deal-breaker is their all-in-one attitude, the BeagleBone black, for example, include eMMC flash, PWD outputs and Ethernet/WiFi as well as all the standard known connectors. This truly makes the BeagleBone black a ready-to-use board for most of today’s industrial projects while providing a fast way to get started and keep your focus on the software development progress.

What BeagleBone based product owners can do with JFrog Connect?

JFrog Connect device management platform makes it extremely easy to maintain Linux based devices remotely, from deploying OTA updates to monitoring devices behavior and application data.

Manage one device or one million, it incredibly easy to connect your product and start managing your fleet in the cloud.

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JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.