The difference between IoT device management platforms

AWS IoT, Azure IoT Hub, IBM Watson IoT, and a few more known names provide Internet Of Things management cloud platforms that can be useful for different kinds of projects. Those platforms cover a section called ‘General Device Management’ which sometimes can mean a few different things and therefore we will try here to explain the core difference between general IoT device management and IoT device maintenance platforms like JFrog Connect.

IoT Device Management

General Device Management (GDM) came to close the gap between offline devices and connected devices. GDM platforms can help us send data from the edge device to a GDM platform using a few lines of code that can depend on your IoT device software code logic.

Most of the time, GDM platforms don’t have a software service on the edge device. In other words, to use those GDM platforms you just need to send data from your edge device to the GDM using a known protocol like HTTPS or MQTT.

JFrog Connect provides an all-in-on device management platform for Connected Linux based devices. Including OTA updates, monitoring, controlling and securing tools.

Well, that’s sounds perfect right?

For sending data, the answer will be YES – GDM platforms can do the job.

But, what if those edge devices need to have software updates, small code changes -patches,  or even more, analyzing and control an issue or software bug that currently “destroy” devices that are somewhere worldwide and need to be fixed immediately.

IoT device Maintenance platform helps us monitor the edge devices in a way we can understand if one of the device’s sensor not working as expected or if the RAM getting full because of unknown reasons. The monitor ability comes together with a set of remote control tools which gives you the opportunity to fix the issues or upgrade your software in seconds with much confidence.

My IoT product software just crashed! what can I do?

GDM platforms like AWS IoT or Azure IoT hub can’t help us here, and probably they are inside part of our software code and crashed too. IoT device Maintenance platforms have a separate edge device software that is running independently and will always be available through the web platform, even when the edge device application doesn’t work at all for any reason. If you are looking for a solution that will help you fully manage your product remotely and will save you unnecessary product recalls, you should think of the IoT device maintenance platform as a must.

Today in the agile era, in every industry, from smart city to Industrial IoT and manufacturing, we all have to keep our connected products updated, secure and stable running free from bugs and issues even after years on the road.

What is the best way to manage IoT product remotely

Here at JFrog Connect, we provide all the needed tools and features to manage and maintain IoT devices remotely.

At JFrog Connect device management platform, it takes just 60 seconds to connect a device, and start managing it remotely.