Raspberry Pi remote management

There’s is a few basic features we all need to have on a good remote management platform for IoT devices like Raspberry Pi. Let’s start by asking why we basically need remote management tools to control our Raspberry Pi, Embedded Linux fleets?There are a few different answers to this question but they all start with the understanding of having the ability to work with our smart devices from anywhere, as it here in our office.

To do so, we need a few remote tools which can handle the device over WiFi, 3G or 4G internet connection.

One moment, what do you mean by saying “work”?

Here at JFrog Connect we see hundreds of IoT product use cases where the meaning of work comes in to play. Most of the time, when we have 10 connected devices or 1000 devices there are a few basic remote features that we found very useful to manage the fleet of our devices easily. Let’s take for example the first scenario that is very common on IoT industrial projects – You have hundreds of Linux based devices on the field, doing something you want using the same software you wrote. They all running more than a week now and you get a phone call from someone in the field telling you that one of your Raspberry Pi starts to reboot on an hourly basis. You go back to your code, trying to understand the bug that running out there. When you find the software bug, the first thing you would like to do is deploy Over The Air software updates to all of your Linux devices running this software version out there.

Moreover, you want to make sure the software update works, and you would like to remotely connect with remote access to one of the devices terminal shell and see that everything works as you wanted.

Doing such a thing can be a mess without a maintenance cloud platform. To remotely manage a fleet of Linux devices such as Raspberry Pi you need to use the best remote maintenance tools out there that will provide us a quick, lightweight and secure way to monitor, deploy software patches and analyze bugs and errors that can pop on one or two devices out of thousands. Having the ability to remotely manage your product can save recalls and money and a lot of time.

Raspberry Pi is a ready to use Single Board Computer which can handle a big complicated software task and can save a lot of project development time thanks to his big software community and stable ready to use hardware with most of the important inputs and outputs that could be necessary on IoT industrial projects. Those software tasks that run on the Raspberry Pi should have a “eye-keeper” who can make changes and keep the software stable from anywhere in the world no matter what is the software issue. A separate software service that doesn’t have any connection to your IoT device software application and will work in any situation so you will have the ability to solve any software bug/deploy software upgrades without worries at all.

JFrog Connect is a free for prototyping remote management platform for Raspberry Pi and Linux connected devices that run on Industrial IoT products all over the world, make IoT device cloud management simple reliable and secure.

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.