Raspberry Pi device management platform in 2021

What is the best way to manage Raspberry Pi remotely using a device management platform? In this post, we will talk about JFrog Connect IoT management platform, and what you can do with it to maintain your fleet of Raspberry Pis remotely with confidence.

As for today, Raspberry Pi is all over the place, from prototyping to production projects, for individual use to a big scale, thousands of Pis.

Why we need a device management platform for our Raspberry Pi based product?

In the case of running a fleet of devices all over the world, in different networks and environments, we need to have a proper way to manage and maintain our Raspberry Pi devices at any given moment. Using the remote tools of the management platform, we are able to maintain our devices and be sure that they running as they should – doing their mission, clean from software errors and issues.

How a management platform can help us in case of a software error in our product fleet?

Here at JFrog Connect we provide the whole needed remote tools so you will be able to fix your application remotely and monitor their behavior.

Here are a few of JFrog Connect IoT platform remote tools: Micro Update – a quick lightweight tool that helps you deploy over-the-air software updates to your Raspberry Pi in a few moments, all with zero downtime, and with the next security technics available.

Device Management – A must-have feature to handle a fleet of devices remotely – statuses, monitoring and a few other great parameters in live-view from your devices. This will help you understand each device if it is online or offline as well as resources status.

Remote Control – in case of emergency or if you just would like to be able to debug your devices remotely with terminal, the remote control tool provides quick, secure access to your Linux device terminal. Working even under firewalls or double-nat (cellular modems, other networks, etc.)

Remote Commands – send quick bash commands to each one of your devices, those commands can help reboot your product remotely or even restart your “python” app.

Diagnostics Engine – monitor your Raspberry Pis resources and behavior, know when something works not as planned.

App Monitor – monitor your running application on the edge device using a very quick way. This will help you understand better if your application running well.

How long it takes to integrate JFrog Connect IoT platform to Linux based products?

The integration process of connecting Linux based devices like Raspberry Pi takes less than 60 seconds as you just need to run 1 command through the device terminal to get the device connected and controlled through the cloud platform.

JFrog Connect IoT platform working with top tech industry companies, providing the best IoT platform for managing and maintaining your edge devices all over the world with confidence.

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.