Over-the-air software update for linux based product

Over-The-Air software updates for embedded Linux, IoT or any other Linux based operating system such as Yocto based, Debian, Ubuntu, became a critical part of a product maintenance functionality. Deploying an OTA software update to devices that are placed anywhere worldwide that don’t have any human interaction from the development team can be a tough mission with big responsibility.

OTA Micro-update for embedded linux

Here at JFrog Connect, we did our best to redefine the term of Over-The-Air software update when it comes to embedded systems. Similar to the “standards” known definition of software updates on a cloud server like Amazon AWS, JFrog Connect provides a Micro-update mechanism, in purpose to deploy small, but critical changes, smart applications layer update, which focus on deploying only the necessary changes of the product software application.

The Micro-update mechanism designed to be robust and effective specifically for Embedded Linux devices, this includes a rollback feature which makes the software update reliable and  suitable to any case we can’t expect.

JFrog Connect OTA software update deployment status

The Micro-update feature is part of device management set of tools that included in JFrog Connect platform and covers the products fleet device management requirements in any given moment. With this mind of thinking, the OTA software update tool is completing the full cycle of reaching issues before even they affect the end product behavior. Then, we can diagnose the problem and understand the situation by using the remote control, logs and diagnostic functionalities. After that, we can change the current application by deploying an OTA software update to a specific device and fix the bug or upgrade the code.

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.