How to manage edge devices in arranged groups

JFrog Connect device management platform designed to manage one to one million of edge devices in absolute ease. These guidelines will show some best practices to manage different types of devices stage in different groups and arrangements to make your daily product fleet maintenance super convenient and efficient.

Method 1: Area-based

This method is great for the ones who would like to treat differently to devices in different areas. The groups’ division can be based on the deployment of the products in different countries, states, or cities.

Method 2: Type-based

This method is for those who produce different types of product versions and need to manage all of them, but still, would like to separate product version-1 from product version-2 , as they run with different hardware/OS (for example) and might not have the same behavior.

Method 3: Agile-based

The Agile-based method sanctifies the idea of small and quick actions and updates to the product fleet software and state. This method is based on a Test group and a Production group, where every little change is being deployed firstly on the Test group, and if everything worked as planned, the same update/action will be done on the Production group right after.JFrog Connect developers tip – no matter if you chose to go with one method or a mix of two methods, creating a “Test” or “Lab” group that includes a device or two that are similar to the devices that are in production, will help you make fewer mistakes along the way.

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.