Manage edge devices in 2021 method

Here is a simple and great way to manage IoT edge devices in the cloud and remotely maintain and manage thousands of them with ease. Similar to managing servers at the cloud, this post will explain how can you completely manage 1 edge device or even millions of edge products all over the world.

But first, What is really an edge device?

An edge device is a computer from any kind – embedded Linux system or IoT device based real-time operating system, running in the “field” and not in the cloud. Most of the time, edge devices refer to a smart product based on an embedded system.

Samsung TV’s can be also called an edge device, as well as city road cameras and even vending machines.

TV’s and vending machines exist for a long time, what changes them to be”edged” suddenly?

The internet came. Well, the term “connected” change the product from being a device to an edge device. Today’s products are all connected to the internet and that’s what makes the “edges. Now, they much smarter with features that can be updated over the air and change their purpose.

How can I manage edge devices?

Here at JFrog Connect, we provide an IoT edge device management platform that will help you maintain your product fleet remotely. With JFrog Connect platform you can control thousands of edge devices all over the world in one place.

What it really means to manage edge devices?

Having tools and features that let us keep our product fleet updated, stable, and secure.

Here are a few tools may help you manage edge devices with confidence:

Deploy over the air updates: deploy software updates over the air. These software updates can fix bugs or upgrade the product application with new features we just developed.

Basic edge device management: view each edge device state, if it is online and connected to the internet or offline and may even be powered off. Viewing each edge device hardware resources as well as grouping and naming and adding map location to each device, all to arrange your product fleet and being able to navigate easily between them.

Monitor edge devices: Always be in control. Get alerts when one of your products don’t behave is it should and get the relevant error details to help you debug the issue faster.

Remote control edge devices: As we can’t be 100% our edge device fleet will not have issues at all, we will need to have tools and features that can help us debug each and every device like it is in our office.

How can we ensure that we will always be able to access each edge device remotely?

This question is what makes JFrog Connect IoT platform, the new generation of edge device management. JFrog Connect Agent is and software service which always runs on the edge device, separately from the device application, keeping it stable, secure, and available from the cloud platform even in case of a software bug or other product issue.

Ready to start managing edge devices remotely? it takes 60 seconds to connect any kind of edge device to JFrog Connect platform.

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.