IoT devices have to be managed remotely in 2021

The whole idea of IoT (Internet of Things) is the transfer of data over the internet from mechanical, digital, and countless other computing devices.

Why IoT devices Have to be Managed Remotely?

In order to take full advantage and utilize the potential of IoT to its fullest, it’s essential to have access and the ability to control, monitor, and manage IoT devices remotely.

Depths of IoTIoT is one of the fastest-growing phenomena, and it’s revolutionizing the whole world by promising and bringing new, easy, and smart methods in all types of fields and societies. Some of the most significant examples are listed below.

  • Smart Homes: It is by far the most acquired IoT changes, and it automates pretty much all the manual functions of a home such as controlled climate, lighting, entertainment, and general appliances.
  • Smart Buildings: It is the extended form of smart homes that are applied to the whole building by automating it.
  • Smart Factories: It streamlines the interactions and functions between customers and suppliers, and it also reduces the downtime.
  • Smart Agriculture: it offers remote and smart farming and also in-situ support
  • Smart Cities: This concept offers improved environmental management and an automated traffic control system.

Smart Business: Exceptional marketing and automated advertising system and improved customer flow tracking.

Remotely Managed IoT and the Role of JFrog Connect

All the big companies offering IoT devices, whether they are related to entertainment systems like TVs, music systems, or other utilities, should manage their products to keep them working in a stable, secure and updated manner.

IoT Device Management

There can be a big mess for any company offering IoT devices if their system collides with some software bug or any issue. It can turn the whole system unfunctional, and if the company does not have the remote access, it will be a daunting and tiresome activity to fix the issue. For that reason, it is imperative to have a system for all of the products that can be accessed remotely to update the faulty software with a working patch.

This is by far the most crucial reason to have a beautiful way to manage the products remotely through the cloud.

JFrog Connect JFrog Connect is one of the most efficient ways to achieve remote management and monitoring of your devices. It offers device management services, and whether it’s one product or one million, JFrog Connect has it all covered. Any company offering IoT devices can arrange their products with names, groups, descriptions, and software versions.JFrog Connect also offers an entire overview of all the Linux and edge IoT devices group at a single place. The services that we offer regarding IoT devices are but not limited to, the following:

  • Real-time status
  • Alerts
  • OTA update
  • Monitoring
  • Software version
  • Technical details
  • Logs
  • Remote Access & Commands
  • Devices Location
JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.