How to manage and control thousands of embedded Linux and IoT devices with JFrog Connect

An IoT device management platform can handle the headache of deploying software updates and control a fleet of embedded Linux and IoT devices remotely. Here at JFrog Connect we provide the best tools and features to manage and control Embedded Linux based devices as well as any other embedded device running Android, RTOS or Windows.

When deploying a new product to production we need to have a stable, convenient arrangement of the device fleet. This can be done by splitting the product fleet by projects, groups, and descriptions. For example, in the case of 4000 Linux based IoT products, running all over the world, we can split the devices to groups by country, and make a few other groups for testing environments for different versions that are in development.

Why we need Test groups?

Here at JFrog Connect, we believe that software updates need to first be checked on a “lab” device that stays in the office and don’t go to production. After deploying a software update to our test lab device, and making sure that everything works as expected we can use the same update, and deploy it on our production group. Also, it is recommended to do the production deployment in a gradual way – start by deploying the software update just to one or two production groups, then after a few days of monitoring, deploy continue and deploy the update to all the groups too.

It’s not just OTA updates

Besides deploying new software to our IoT products, we can control and monitor them, all based on the groups we made. This also a great method to understand if each group behaves as it should. Different product versions may be in different groups, as each group may have different application resources and behavior that we would like to monitor and be in control of.

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.