Flash Raspberry Pi sd card with imgFlasher

Searching for a fast and easy way to flash your Raspberry Pi sd card with Raspbian Linux OS img?With imgFlasher we can flash any img file to your SD card with a click of a button!

The ImgFlasher is a light portable windows10 software that has been built specifically for flashing images like Raspberry Pi Raspbian, BeagleBone Black Debian, Nvidia Jetson Nano Ubuntu, Ubuntu core, Odroid Ubuntu and more.

How to Flash Linux OS on SD card with JFrog Connect imgFlasher in a few moments:

1. Download imgFlasher at the Link – https://jfrog.com/connect/imgflasher

2. Double click on the imgFlasher.exe file.

3. Choose the img file you would like to flash.

4. Choose the external drive – SD card, you would like to use.

5. Click on Flash and wait until the flash process is completed.

imgFlasher – Flash img on SD card
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